Tim David Trillsam, born in 1985, stands as a German sculptor whose artistic journey seamlessly weaves classical sculpture education with a distinctive creative identity honed at prestigious art academies. Transitioning into freelance artistry in 2013, Trillsam’s body of work
showcases an expressive and profound exploration of the human experience.
Rooted in a solid foundation from the Vocational School for Wood Sculpture in Berchtesgadener Land, where he received a classical sculpture education, Trillsam deepened his artistic roots through further studies in Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart. This period marked the genesis of a unique and expressive formal language, laying the groundwork for his evolving artistic vision.


Trillsam’s creative results unfolds with an aura of intimacy and quiet grandeur, capturing the essence
of ordinary life. His sculptures, distinguished by intense gestures and an emphasis on oversized hands
and feet, not only possess physical presence but also evoke a sense of spirituality. They serve as
monuments to the self, prompting reflections on transience and engaging with the ephemeral nature
of life. In this depth of reflection, his sculptures transcend mere physical forms, manifesting as artistic
expressions that delve into the profound.
A salient feature of Trillsam’s art lies in its universal appeal, fostering identification with diverse
observers. Through themes that resonate universally, the artist establishes a profound connection
between his works and the individual experiences of each viewer. His art becomes a reflective mirror
of humanity, portraying the diversity of emotions, psyche, and inner experiences.
Traversing the realms of realism and expressionism, Trillsam’s works, primarily associated with
expressionist sculpture, consistently center around the human figure. Despite abstract elements, the
human form retains its central role, visualizing emotions and inner experiences and creating a
compelling bridge between the concrete and the abstract.
His bronze standing figures, characterized by a sensual dimension, transcend the earthly realm,
creating experiential worlds with profound aesthetic depth. Notably, oversized hands and feet take
center stage, delicately heightened and emphasized, often detached from their conventional function
yet essential. This intentional emphasis on hands and feet serves as a symbolic expression,
highlighting aspects of human existence such as the power of creation, rootedness, and
Despite the strength of these statements, Trillsam’s figures maintain a remarkable, almost humorous
restraint. The artist adeptly balances the visualization of human challenges with the serene,
introspective postures of his sculptures. This duality lends his art a compelling intensity and provides
his works with a distinctive visual identity.
The symbolic staging of Trillsam’s sculptures invites further interpretations, challenging traditional art
hierarchies. Whether emphasizing the power of creation, rootedness, actions, or questioning
conventional artistic hierarchies, his works stand as intricate reflections on the diverse facets of
human existence.

Zahra Hasson-Taheri